MosaicArt  Charity Project London

I have Invited mosaic artist from all over the world to participate to make a 20 by 20 cm mosaic which was donated and exhibited at the North West London hospitals NHS Trust.
IThis was a  great way for artists to promote  their work in London as well as contribute to the charity against child trafficking  in Nepal.     (
I made a mosaic book at “Blurb for good”with all the mosaic pieces, the artists and their artist statements. The proceeds of the book also went to the EBT. charity in Nepal.

Opening by Martin Cheek, Philip Holmes and the Mayors of west London

Eyes of Nepal Mosaic Project

We did the same project again and transported all the new mosaics that were sent to london to Nepal and adorned the room in the house where the children were now working and living, selling mosaics.

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Maitland Mosaic Wall

Making a mosaic wall with the children for the holistic Garden of the Hospital was a weekly event for weeks to enjoy for both of us , the children and for me. We even made an indoor mosaic wall for the Physio department and I later set up an Artroom which had a healing factor in many ways for these children that sometimes had to stay for months to recover from their orthopedic operation.

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