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Exciting New Adventures: Bead Mosaic and Painting Collaboration!

Beadwork on Painting by Xolani Sivunda and Karla Duterloo

In a wonderful fusion of mosaic artistry and painting, multimedia-talented Xolani Sivunda and I embarked on our first collaborative bead project a while ago. Xolani, drawn to the vibrant colors in my paintings and mosaics, and I, equally captivated by his mosaic skills, decided to join forces.

Our initial discussions led to a captivating collaboration in 2020 with 20 x 20 mosaic blocks. I crafted paintings on a 20 x 20 cm format, and Xolani, along with his team, translated them into intricate beadwork. The result? A collection of small beaded panels adorning my paintings, with each panel telling a compelling story.

Generous donations from the USA allowed us to expand the project, creating numerous captivating bead panels.

Simultaneously, Xolani ventured into painting. Alongside some pears in his studio in Mfuleni, he exhibited his work successfully at galleries in and around Cape Town. And he  continues to do so.

After a brief hiatus, as life's challenges sometimes get in the way, he reached out to me again in 2023 to help him fulfil his lifelong dream — next to painting, establishing a studio to transform paintings into extraordinary bead art.

The vision is grand — to build a studio and assemble a team for commission work, allowing local and international painters to see their art come alive in beads. Xolani's goal is to empower individuals in his township, turning them into skilled bead artisans and improving the lives of many talented artisans in the townships.

Inspired by the Mosaic Academy concept where he did his mosaic art studies, Xolani will generously shares knowledge, providing his team with learning opportunities while working on commissions, enabling them to build on their own dreams.

My role is to kickstart this process by providing materials and initial sample pieces, mentoring Xolani, and offering support throughout the process, as well as promoting their work.

For this new business adventure, I would like to get in contact with artists who can appreciate the hours of work going into a beaded panel and would like to see their own painting come to life in beads, by commissioning Xolani to do so.    Simultaneously helping Xolani make this dream come true, will not only sustain himself but also support his family and empower his co-workers. 

Witnessing his drive and success in this journey is truly exciting.

A win-win for all artists involved.

Feel free to reach out to Xolani ( for commissions and help bring his vision to life!

Spread the word about Xolani's remarkable artistic journey — a tireless artist dedicated to helping others, exploring new avenues, and going the extra mile for fellow artists. His determination is evident as he works tirelessly around the clock, seven days a week, in sometimes harsh conditions to make it happen.

I eagerly anticipate the day when his studio comes to life, fostering joy among individuals as they create art together and providing everyone involved with a newfound purpose in life. As a painter, savouring your artwork transformed into a beautiful beaded panel adds an extra layer of fulfilment to this enriching experience.

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