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New Course : Mosaic and Beads on your own painting.

Basic abstract bird-eye-view beaches, oceans or other aerial-view landscapes in bead work.

Alternatively any other own idea welcome too.

All levels welcome

No drawing or painting skills needed

Mosaic with beads on your own painting

Course description

Abstract bird-eye-view beaches or other aerial-view landscapes of your choice.

Painting sea- or landscapes from above and using stacked beads for details.

Students will learn

Painting aerial view land- or seascapes.

Painting intuitive and "let go".

Using beads in a unique way

Venue Domo Eclectica Gallery

Lange Tiende weg 68


06 28402848

Date June 11

Time 10.30 until 15.30 to 16.00

Price: 85€

Materials; Inclusive tools and materials

Snacks, lunch and drinks

Course can be taught in English and/or Dutch.

More info and bookings at or at the Gallery

Bookings via Marielle 06 28402848

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