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Mosaic, Sculptures, Tutorials, Online courses, Retreat and more 

Click on WORKSHOPS above in the bar for more info about the upcoming courses in The Netherlands and France and South Africa in 2022 and 2023

Inclusive my Mosaic Art Retreat 2023..

I have moved my paintings to my new website


To learn more about my upcoming courses in The Netherlands, France, and South Africa in 2023, please visit the "Workshops" section above, which also includes information about my Mosaic Art Retreat in 2023.

For my painting work, please visit my new website,

As an artist, I specialise in creating abstract compositions and harmonious mosaics on any surface.

One of my most popular works is the mosaic wildlife animal heads.

My mosaic squares often incorporate African elements and handmade glass fusions, and I am always exploring new ways to incorporate traditional and non-traditional materials into my mosaic projects.

Currently, I am working on creating mosaics with stacked beads, seascapes with beads, and mosaic collages of paintings.

I have also created a video tutorial called "Mosaic and Beads on Your Underlying Painting," which is available on

Additionally, there is a 2D mosaic course available on the same website (click the tutorial button in the strip above).

Due to Covid-19 and the closure of various galleries in Cape Town/Stellenbosch, I am now selling my work from my studio in Cape Town.

However, since late 2021, I am once again represented in various galleries in South Africa and the Netherlands.

Grande-Provence gallery-shop in Franschhoek South Africa

Palette Fine Art Gallery Stellenbosch and Franschhoek South Africa 

Whosocks gallery  in Houtbay South Africa 

The Strandloper Ocean Boetiek hotel Paternoster SA

Domo Eclectica  Gallery in Gouda The Netherlands 

OHS gallery Langa Cape Town

Currently some of my work is on show at  South Hill Vineyards in Elgin.

Email me if you have inquiries about my work you have seen on Facebook or Instagram or from this website.




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