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Click on WORKSHOPS above for more info about my upcoming courses in France, inclusive my Mosaic Art Retreat 2024

Avignon Course
La Ronde France.

For my painting work, please visit my other website,

As an accomplished artist, my specialization lies in the creation of captivating abstract compositions and harmonious mosaics adaptable to a wide array of surfaces.

Among my most celebrated works are the mosaic renditions of wildlife animal heads, which have garnered considerable acclaim.

My mosaic squares consistently incorporate elements inspired by the rich tapestry of African culture and feature handcrafted glass fusions and other inserts. I am dedicated to continually exploring innovative ways to seamlessly integrate both traditional and unconventional materials into my mosaic projects.

At present, my artistic focus encompasses an array of exciting projects. These include the creation of mosaics adorned with stacked beads, mesmerizing seascapes brought to life with the addition of beads, and the development of paper mosaics crafted through the ingenious fusion of collage and painting techniques.

For those interested in learning from my artistic expertise, I have thoughtfully curated a video tutorial entitled "Mosaic and Beads on Your Underlying Painting." This informative tutorial is readily accessible on, providing valuable insights into my creative process.

Furthermore, on the same website, you'll discover an engaging 2D mosaic course.

In response to the challenges posed by Covid-19 and the closure of numerous galleries in Cape Town and Stellenbosch, I have adapted by making my work available for purchase directly from my Cape Town studio.

Excitingly, as of late 2021, I have once again established representation in various esteemed galleries across

South Africa and the Netherlands, reaffirming my commitment to sharing my art with a global audience.



From September 2023 I will be featured in the Spring exhibition at Beguela gallery Wine Estate near Hermanus 

Currently some of my work is on show at  South Hill Vineyards in Elgin.

Gallery Representations :

Grande-Provence gallery-shop in Franschhoek South Africa

Palette Fine Art Gallery Stellenbosch and Franschhoek South Africa 

Whosocks gallery  in Houtbay South Africa 

The Strandloper Ocean Boetiek hotel Paternoster SA

Domo Eclectica  Gallery in Gouda The Netherlands 

Email me if you have inquiries about my work you have seen on Facebook or Instagram or from this website.




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