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My painting is fuelled by my passion for colours. 

I am constantly inspired by everything around me. I draw my primary inspiration from nature. but I am fascinated by any colour combination.

Beyond the beauty of nature, I see colour and patterns in nearly everything. 


My work is motivated by a particular feeling or mood rather than a concrete idea, therefore I am not attached to a certain outcome.

In this regard my work is completely abstract. I surrender myself wholly to the creative process, letting go of what things 'should' look like and not to permit worry and overthinking to take over.

This often leaves the end result to be surprising which keeps me more dynamic. Painting is a way for me to give tangible expression to the vast colour visions that roam through my mind.   

For my online painting tutorials please visit Creatartsonline and watch the PROMO video

Click here for The Bundle course  

Click here for the Abstract-compositions-loosen-up-and-paint course

Click here for the Abstract-composition-and-collage-where-inspiration-comes-from course 

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