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About the artist



Karla is an award-winning mosaic artist with a passion for wildlife conservation and known for infusing vibrant color into her work. With over three decades of experience in the field, Karla's mosaic creations are truly one-of-a-kind.

What sets Karla's work apart is not just its visual appeal, but also its deeper significance. Each animal head serves as a reminder of the threats facing South Africa's wildlife. Upon relocating to South Africa, Karla recognise the urgent need for conservation efforts, and her art became a powerful tool for raising awareness about this important issue.

Karla is also a skilled abstract painter, seamlessly blending the worlds of mosaic and painting in her latest body of work. From bird's-eye-view seascapes in beads to colorful bead and mosaic projects.

Beyond her artistic projects, Karla is deeply committed to making a positive impact in her community. She's initiated and organized several successful global mosaic charity projects, including ones in London and Nepal. Closer to home, she has been involved in a charity mosaic art project at a children's hospital in Cape Town, using art to bring joy and healing to those recovering.

Collaboration and mentoring upcoming artists is also at the heart of Karla's work. Since settling in South Africa in 2011, she's worked with local artisans, empowering them and transforming their lives through creative expression. Her collaborations with crafters and artists in and around Cape Town have not only enriched her own work but have also helped to create new opportunities and applications for both parties involved.

Karla's impact extends far beyond the borders of South Africa. Her work has been featured in international mosaic books, and she's exhibited in galleries and exhibitions across the globe, from the UK and the Netherlands to Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, and of course, South Africa. She herself is the Author of a Children arts and crafts book called Wereldhandvaardigheid by publisher Cantecleer

Karla's art has brought smiles to countless faces, adorning private and corporate collections in more than 20 countries. Explore more about her journey and her colourful creations to discover the magic behind her Art.

Current Gallery Representations :


  • Grande-Provence gallery-shop in Franschhoek South Africa

  • Palette Fine Art Gallery in Franschhoek South Africa 

  • Whosocks gallery in Houtbay South Africa 

  • The Strandloper Ocean Boetiek hotel Paternoster WC South Africa

  • Benguela Cove Galleries in Hermanus Overberg South Africa.

"Time stands still, when one creates “. 

My passion for mosaic and everything colour, allows me to lose myself in my own inner world.

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