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Available Trophy heads : the latest additions 2024

A green Bokkie
Bantu Bliss

Having moved from London to Cape Town, the first changes that caught my eye immediately was the beautiful landscape but even more so the beautiful wildlife scattered throughout the landscape all the way through the city, mountains and oceans. I quickly realised the threat to the South African wildlife, as such as I was drawn to create art that would create dialogue about this issue. 


Not only is the subject matter of my work inspired by the land, the materials I choose to incorporate into my work are often locally sourced. My work has allowed me to collaborate with local crafts men. These men share their experiences and stories about colours and the traditional use of beading within African culture and craft. 


The collaboration has allowed for a synergy to form whereby we both challenge each other and build upon each other’s strength. As such, my work has led me to the road less travelled. I am continuously inspired by my surroundings; from the landscape, wildlife and the people that always led me to new designs and applications of different materials. 

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