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Mosaic and/or  beads only  the colour full collection

Blocks are all framed in a white frame 28 x 28 cm  $ 145

Partly mosaicked paintings $ 125

These blocks are first painted with acrylic paint and the embellished with mosaic tesserae and stacked beads. I have taught a course around this subject which was very well received. All the "samples" are now for sale.

It was with great joy to create these panels as colour the more the merrier is a very therapeutic way to express myself in.I trust the colourful panels will do the same for you, bringing happiness in the house.

Bigger panels 34 x 34 cm in Frame 

These blocks are framed in a white frame 34 x 34 cm $150

Made on a wooden panel 25 x 25 x 4 cm. I first created an acrylic resin pouring before adding the beads 

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