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Charity project  and Mosaic Symposia

First Mosaic Symposium Adana  Turkey 2021

Art Director Giulio Menossi


In September, I embarked on a journey to Adana, Turkey, filled with excitement and anticipation.

I was honored to be invited by Mosaic Master Giulio Menossi from Italy to participate in the first mosaic Symposium in Turkey, alongside 13 other talented artists from around the world, including Sibel Akkaba, Alejandra Martin, Aida Valencia, Marwe Qendeel, Glisten Genc, Alina Chubova, Neriman Guzel, Vanessa Rivera, Mireille van Swinnen, Ronit Strum, Angela Zimek, and Xenia Samokhina.

Our group formed an incredible bond, united by our shared creativity and passion for mosaics, representing diverse cultures, backgrounds, and aspirations. Giulio's vision for these symposia—to create a space for experimentation, idea exchange, collaboration, and friendship—resonated deeply with all of us.

Neriman took on the monumental task of organizing the event, demonstrating her dedication and resilience. 

Our host and main sponsor, the city of Adana, and co-sponsor Da Costa, provided us with materials, delicious meals, outings, and comfortable accommodation. In return, we worked tirelessly on our mosaics at the gallery, with the theme "Adana from the past to the future" guiding our creative process.

I personally crafted a textured aerial view mosaic disk inspired by the city of Adana on Google Maps.

Using smalti, beads, brick, plaster, paint, cloth, and plaster.

Additionally, I managed to create a small sculpture within the same design theme for the exhibition, utilizing leftover materials and embracing the challenge posed by limited time and the sweltering weather.

The finished works of my fellow artists were truly remarkable, each offering a unique interpretation of the theme in their own distinctive style. The exhibition at the gallery showcased our collective talent and creativity, leaving visitors captivated and intrigued. The collection is now permanent on show at he National Historic Library in the city of Adana.

international Mosaic Symposium  Clauiano 2017

Art Director Giulio Menossi

Artists from all over the world have been invited by Master mosaic artist Giulio Menossi to participate in the first international mosaic Symposium in Italy.

We worked on our mosaic art works for a period of 2 weeks. The theme was Alchemy. We were all given a wine barrel to deconstruct to make our artwork from.

Here in the brochure you can find my participation and that of the other artists.​


Open HeArt Studio Mfuleni Cape Town

Started 2022 

Witness artists in action at our studio in Mfuleni, Cape Town!

In our first group, comprising about 5 artists, we are focusing on teaching how to translate paintings (mostly donated by me) into beadwork. The goal is to train these artists over a 3-month period so that they can utilize their newfound skills and start their own creative journeys.

After this, we will train another group of 5 individuals in a different skill.

My role involves brainstorming new creative ideas, while Xolani serves as the teacher and provides the studio space. Michele and Joy, the co-founders, work tirelessly behind the scenes.

New work.

Mosaic art project London 

I extended invitations to mosaic artists worldwide to participate in creating 20 by 20 cm mosaics, generously donated and exhibited at the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust. This initiative served as a fantastic opportunity for artists to showcase their work in London while contributing to the charity against child trafficking in Nepal (

To further commemorate this collaborative effort, I compiled a mosaic book through "Blurb for good," featuring all the mosaic pieces along with the artists and their statements. The proceeds from the book were directed towards supporting the EBT charity in Nepal.

The opening event was graced by the presence of Martin Cheek, Philip Holmes, and the Mayors of West London.

Eyes of Nepal Mosaic Project

We undertook the same project once more and shipped all the new mosaics created to London, then transported them to Nepal. These mosaics adorned the room in the house where the children were both working and living, engaging in the sale of their crafted mosaic pieces.

Maitland Mosaic Wall Cape Town 

Creating a mosaic wall with the children for the holistic garden of the hospital became a weekly event that brought joy to both the children and myself for several weeks. We extended our efforts to craft an indoor mosaic wall for the Physio department. Later, I established an Artroom, offering a healing factor in various ways for the children who, at times, had to stay for months to recover from their orthopedic operations.

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