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Course in France April 2025. 

3,4, 5 and 6 SEPTEMBER 2025

I am coming to France in SEPTEMBER 3,4,5,and 6  in 2025 

A 3,5  Day course at Valerie Nicoladze her studio in Avignon France 

Two courses in one visit :

1. Abstract mosaics incorporating beaded African Ornaments.

     2.  Mosaic made of Intuitive paintings and beads.


Stroll down for images of previous classes

Click here for the YouTube Video of the course 





Mosaic Art Retreat

Cape Town South Africa 

at my studio 27 October to 2 November 2024

Intuitive painting Mosaic and Beads 


       More info about the Mosaic Art Retreat 2024

Click here for the course impression Art retreat 2023 on You Tube 


beads and mosaics
7th Heaven
mosaic and beads
Botanical gardens_
Lively Rhythms

If you wish to book me for an In person class.

If you're looking to invite a guest mosaic artist to your studio for a specific course, I'd be delighted to discuss more details with you. I have a particular preference for Europe but am open to collaborations and travel worldwide.

I can tailor or combine all of my courses based on the location and preferred dates, ensuring a unique and personalized experience for all participants. Additionally, I am fluent in both English and Dutch, though my German may be a bit rusty. Don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in hosting a course with me as your guest mosaic artist.


Email me for more info on the courses at

The following courses below can be taught on location abroad or in Cape Town.

A city of colors

Mixed Media Mosaic with beads, glass and tessera and paint.

Now also as an online tutorial



Mosaic artist with some experience in mosaic making welcome.

Course description

Combine various media in one mosaic work.

Making a mosaic on top of your own abstract painting in acrylics, using beads, glass and tessera.


Students will learn and understand

  • How to find inspiration and design, creating a colourful abstract mixed media mosaic.

  • Learn how to paint intuitive.

  • Experience not being afraid of color.

  • Making a mosaic on your own abstract painting in acrylics with stacked beads, glass and tessera. 

  • Using different materials in one mosaic creating texture and depth.

  • Let go of too many rules and discover the therapeutic site of creating and how you feel relaxed, connected with yourself, let go, go with the flow and feel inspired.

  • Above all have fun and learn new applications.

mosaic square

My traditional abstract mosaics incorporating African Beadwork

All mosaic levels are invited and welcome


Course Description

In this course we learn how to incorporate traditional African beadwork/or your own unique ornaments and glass beads. We work with an endless color palette, in a non figurative way adding texture to make this abstract mosaic absolutely unique.

Students will gain knowledge and proficiency in the following areas:

  1. Design and Inspiration: They will learn the art of designing, finding inspiration, and crafting vibrant abstract mosaics.

  2. Material Variety: Students will explore the use of diverse materials within a single mosaic, enabling them to create textures and depth in their artwork.

  3. Beads and Raised Elements: The course will teach them how to effectively incorporate beads and raised objects into their mosaic designs for added visual interest.

  4. Project Scale: Throughout the course, students will work on a 20 x 20 cm mosaic board, allowing them to apply their newfound skills on a practical scale.

  5. Grouting Techniques: They will also receive a comprehensive demonstration on grouting, an essential step in completing a mosaic project.

  6. Therapeutic Benefits: Beyond the technical aspects, students will discover the therapeutic aspects of mosaic-making. They will learn how this creative process can induce a sense of relaxation, help them disconnect from the world around them, and inspire their artistic expression.


Bird eye view Art.

Mosaic with beads only and moderate raised elements and textures 

All levels mosaic artists, artisans, as-well as painters welcome on the course. No drawing skills necessary.


Course description

In depth bead mosaic course where we go a step further and adding texture to the substrate

Theme: abstract bird-eye-view beaches, underwater world scenes, seascapes, landscapes and other arial view scenes.


This workshop will be a hands-on course where students learn through a combination of lecture, slideshow demonstration, experimenting, samples and product information.


Students will learn and understand​​

  • How to find a design for a bead mosaic inspired by arial - or satellite views.

  • Learn how to see your surroundings with different eyes and translate what you see in abstract patterns and shapes. 

  • Learn how to paint arial view land- or seascapes.

  • Using materials to raise specific parts  creating a bas relief for mosaic application.

  • Using texture and paint to add to the interest. 

  • Understand not to be afraid to mix different techniques and materials in one mosaic. 

  • Using beads in a unique way making it a contemporary bead mosaic art piece

  • Discover the therapeutic site of working with beads, enjoy the relaxing site of creating and forget the world around you. Feel inspired and excited again.


It's all good
Good things happening

Collage in color or black&white

All levels welcome. No drawing or painting skills needed. Advanced painters welcome.


Course description

Making a collage from your own abstract paintings in acrylics

Intuitive painting and let go of rules using acrylic paint, crayons and various markers.

A hands on course were we make a few abstract paintings and cut these up making collages.


Students will learn and understand 

  • Intuitive abstract painting

  • Using your own painting in an unique way

  • Learn not to be afraid of color.

  • “ Let go ”  and find your joy in the process and journey of painting.

  • Appreciate the experience of making art and do not worry about failure.

  • Arrange painted strips and coloured paper, to create a new artwork

  • Let go of stress and discover the therapeutic site of intuitive painting, how you feel relaxed, connect with yourself, embrace “me-time’ and feel inspired.


Relief in frame
2D Yellow/Turquoise

Abstract Bas-relief 2D course for mosaic application

Abstract Bas-relief 2D course for mosaic application


Level: Students need some mosaic experience.


Course description

In these courses, students will engage in a hands-on learning experience. Through a dynamic blend of lectures, engaging slideshows, practical experimentation, sample projects, and comprehensive product information, you'll explore various techniques for constructing relief structures on boards, all with the intent of preparing them for mosaic application.


Students will learn and understand

  • To construct a 2D bas relief substrate

  • Enjoy making mosaic on non flat substrates and be adventures.

  • Learn the art of constructing a 2D bas relief substrate.

  • Explore the intricacies of crafting an engaging and challenging substrate.

  • Gain hands-on experience in applying texture, creating various levels, and building layers on a board.

  • Discover the creative potential of using styrofoam, yesso and cement adhesive as an 2D method.

  • Embrace the opportunity to create mosaics on non-flat substrates, adding an adventurous dimension to your artistic journey

Detail textile.jpg
Samples .jpg


2D mosaic substrates for Mosaic and bead making.

Mosaic and beads on your underlying painting

You can find all my painting courses in the BIO link 

All levels welcome, some mosaic skills are a preference.

Course impressions

Video's of my courses you find on my YouTube channel Karladuterlooart

A glimpse at various courses:

Collage Workshop:  at Rust en Vrede Gallery Cape Town and at Domo gallery Gouda the Netherlands 

2D workshop :  at Mosaic Studio Pier my Frou at Heidi Ansly Cape. Town .

Mosaic and beads :  Cape Town Mosaic Art Retreat at my own studio, Kirsten Kramer Germany, Caroline Jung Germany, Valerie Nicoladze Avignon France.

Workshop Durbanville CT
Workshop Bas relief
Domo Eclectica Workshop
Domo Eclectica The Hague
Student work
At work
All work done .JPG

Click here for the YouTube video of the Mosaic Art Retreat 2023 


I loved the art holiday and thought it was very well organised and planned. The mosaic art classes took place in a relaxed atmosphere and Karla is a dedicated instructor. She is able to transfer her passion for colours to her students. The trips to art galleries in Stellenbosch, a local craft market in Cape Town also helped me to get into the colour/art mood. Luis and Karla shared with us their love of South Africa by showing us some marvellous places. I went home with a pretty work of art and a desire to come back to South Africa. Herma

Note : Herma visited 2 years later SA again with her husband

I have to sincerely thank both you and Luis for taking such good care of us. I had not expected to be pampered the way we were! From the pick up at the airport until departure, we were never abandoned to our own devices, but accompanied, and fed (!!!), and given plenty of explanations about everything we were experiencing and seeing, which was plenty!

P.S.: both Matilde and I really appreciated all the details you took care of, like the welcome card and the bottle of wine in the room, the folder and the beautiful apron. They all proved you cared for us. 

Big hug and lots of love.   Paola

For me, the highlight was all of us working together under your tutelage in your lovely workshop. You are a lovely hostess and the coffee breaks, lunches and dinner were all works of art too! Seeing your home and your artwork added to the experience. Such a lovely home you have created.

I had a lovely time, Karla. The workshop exceeded my expectations. I would like to study with you again - maybe in Europe next time?  Nari 

The workshop content exceeded any expectations I held. In my personal instance I have always had difficulties with layering and building up my works and am feeling very satisfied that these were particularly addressed with your style of work.

Initially I was concerned that there was not going to be enough time to complete the project because we were touring around all of Wednesday and Thursday.

However I completed two projects and was finished by midday on Friday so… once again I bow to your knowledge and expert scheduling skills.  Sandra 

The amazing mosaic retreat was truly a wonderful experience of art, food, scenic and creative adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed all the little and unexpected things and your welcoming us all into your home with your entire family. I will cherish all the fabulous memories.    Michelle 

Keep doing what you do, I had a great time


Enchanted by the work of mosaic artist Karla Duterloo, I jumped at the chance to learn from her in a place I’ve always wanted to visit: Cape Town. (No, I’m not a mosaic artist, just a wannabe.) From beginning to end, Karla has thoughtfully curated a world-class art and travel experience for eight lucky participants.


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