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Sea scape bead mosaic


The inspiration behind my Sea Side Collection stems from the countless walks along the beach in my quaint village. Blessed with beautiful beaches in our country and region, hardly a day goes by without me visiting one of these coastal gems.

Living in this picturesque part of the world is a true blessing, and through my work, I aim to encapsulate the essence of beach life for you to savor.

During my daily walks, I observe shapes, textures, and colors that I translate into the mosaic beaded panels created in my studio.

Bead mosaics come in a white frame, no glass. Size 51 x 51 cm    

Tondo/Disk framed in a white frame dia 60 cm     

Emerald Island DIA 60 cm.jpg

Emerald Sea 

The beach I am dreaming of (1).jpg

The beach I am dreaming of  in frame 50 x 70 cm  

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