Sea scape bead mosaic

Blocks are all framed in a white frame 28 x 28 cm ZAR 2400

Bigger panels 

Squares are all framed in a white frame 51 x 51 cm   ZAR 6000  dia 40 cm  ZAR 5000    

Circles Various seizes

Tondo/Disk are all framed in a white frame dia 60 cm  ZAR 8500  dia 40 cm  ZAR 5000    

Various other sea scapes

The beach I am dreaming of  in frame 50 x 70 cm  ZAR 8500

My Sea Side Collection is inspired by the many walks along the beach in my little village. We are spoilt with nice beaches in our country and area. There is not a day where I have not visited one of these beaches. I know I am blessed to live in this beautiful part of the world and in my work I try to capture that beach life feeling, for you to enjoy as well. I see shapes, texture and colours on my daily walks which I translate into these mosaic beaded panels in my studio.

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