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News from the studio

Exciting update from my ongoing courses! 


The course in Avignon in April is now fully booked. We’ll be delving into a double course, exploring the realms of abstract mosaic and mosaic with beads. With a fantastic turnout of 12 participants, some of them even hail from outside France. Some of us will be staying in charming hotels in the old City. The fun won't be limited to the studio; it's set to continue well into the evening.


And guess what? More courses are on the horizon, most likely in the Netherlands! 🌷 Stay tuned for further details if you're keen on joining in the creative adventure. Looking forward to the enriching experiences and connections that await! 

Mosaic Art Retreat 2024 and added BONUS Course

The Mosaic Retreat has added a BONUS Course


My focus is currently centred on the Mosaic Art Retreat in South Africa in October, and I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to recreate the success of last year's course. The itinerary was already fantastic, but I've taken it up a notch, enhancing the experience.


Additionally, I've curated a detailed itinerary for those arriving early or extending their stay in Cape Town. For all the details, check out the comprehensive PDF, which I can send to you upon request and on my Mosaic Art retreat website or read about it on the Website.


With a two-month deadline looming, I urge you not to wait too long, as only four spaces remain for this incredible retreat


Excitingly, I've included a BONUS COURSE, MAKING INSERTS for those arriving a day earlier. If you've been captivated by the gorgeous colourful polymer Clay inserts I've frequently shared on Facebook, you can now come and make them yourself.

For those already on-site, I can arrange a course session at my friend's studio in the village. Together, we'll delve into the creating of these inserts, and you'll leave with most likely over 15 pieces or more ready to integrate into your work.

This additional course is optional and takes place outside the Retreat days/nights.


In the studio producing a new online course.

News from the studio:

New Course : Creative mosaics for everyone ! 


I'm currently immersed in the process of producing a new course at the studio, and I'm thrilled to share the details with you when I am done..

This venture delves into the fascinating realm of intuitive painting first and the creation of unique paper mosaic tesserae that come from these paintings – a sort of departure from the ordinary.


The video tutorial will guide you through the creating of these mosaics, offering a step-by-step breakdown of the entire process. Should this have your interest, kindly express your desire, and I will ensure your inclusion on the exclusive notification list. Upon the course's release, you will be promptly informed.


The course encompasses the art of creating mosaics in various sizes, each adorned with distinctive inserts.

These creations have proven to be exceptional as gifts and, in my case, cherished souvenirs from Africa.

Available through my gallery, these artworks are gaining popularity, allowing me to indulge in the delightful and somewhat addictive process of crafting these miniature masterpieces.

Embracing the joy that each mosaic brings! 


Warning : After taking the course this could be where you end up, addictive to making paper mosaics. 

Happy browsing on the website !!!

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