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Here is my collaboration story.

I have met Xolani on FB. So nice to meet various people on FB that have the same passion as you have. In our case it was the connection between the art of mosaic and beads. I have also met lots of enthusiastic painters. Xolani wrote to me to ask if we could meet and discuss a collaboration.

I always like to share ideas and skills and see what comes from it.

We each apply the mosaic beads on our own way. We are not competitors but I like to think we complement each other. That is how we see this collaboration.

Xolani has set up a bead and mosaic studio in one of Cape Towns townships where he lives and works called Mfuleni. His studio is at “The woman for peace” Centre which brings creative people together. With their individual talents and hobbies they have the possibility to share their experience and ideas, improve their skills and raise money for the Centre by doing communicative and creative work.

Xolani and his team produce beautiful, beaded artworks .

He started this art project in the centre 5 month ago

It is his aim to take people away from the streets and from unemployment and create jobs maybe through commissions and other works they create.

His vision is to create an Art hub for all artists who live in Mfuleni and Khayelitsa and use art as a tool to fight poverty and draw tourists to their locations for awareness and selling some works.

Xolani and I are working on a few Art ideas that need to be brought to the next level.

We will keep you posted on this.

Every collaboration brings new challenges and excitement.

Some things might be on hold these days but we will pick these up as soon as we can….

In the meantime we keep working, exploring and creating…

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