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Course News for 2024 !

Student work from previous courses

In 2024, I'll be making two visits to France. At the end of April, you can find me in the enchanting city of Avignon at Valerie Nicoladze her studio. Then, in the beginning of April, I'll be near La Rochelle, specifically in La Ronde, at Atelier Mosaïque Marais-Création / Marlène Touka Mosaïste with Marlene Touka.

Title: "Unlocking Creativity: A Mosaic Art Course in Avignon"


"I'm here to inspire and ignite creativity in those who seek it. Through intuitive painting, collage making, or crafting abstract mosaics, I'll guide you in silencing those inner doubts, eliminating overthinking, and letting color flow intuitively. Get ready to feel that rush of excitement and motivation once more!"

It's a fresh avenue for creative expression, allowing you to discover and develop your unique artistic style.

II'll be returning to Avignon, France in April 2024 , 25 , 26, 27 to conduct a workshop at Valerie's studio. Again it will be a 2 in one course. One of making a colorfull abstract mosaic incorporating African beadwork and one making a mosaic with stacked beads on our own intuitive painting.

We've had a fantastic time in our previous courses, where students not only learned a great deal but also discovered an inspiring style for their mosaic art. We introduced vibrant colors into their lives and work, offering something different from the typical mosaic by incorporating beads into the artworks. I taught students unique ways for incorporating beads in their future mosaics. Everyone left the course brimming with inspiration, and some even rekindled their enthusiasm for creating more vibrant and distinctive mosaics.

I would love for you to join this enriching experience as well. Avignon is a beautiful city, and this event can easily be turned into a delightful holiday. After our course, we can enjoy dinners together for those interested or those staying at the nearby hotel, which is a charming local place that will make you feel truly pampered.

Reserve your spot in the very near future or now, as the course is filling up already and deadline is already in January/February.

You can do so or ask for more details at Valérie Nicoladzé or me by sending a DM


The mosaic art course in Avignon is a testament to the power of creativity, inspiration, and the exploration of one's artistic self.

It's not just a course; it's an artistic journey, a cultural immersion, and a transformational experience. Whether you're a budding artist or a seasoned creative, this course promises to unlock new horizons and ignite your passion for mosaic art.

Course in La Ronde

During my stay in La Ronde, I'll be offering a distinct course from what I'll be teaching in Avignon. This time, we'll dive into the world of 2D art and explore bas-relief techniques in three unique ways. Over the course of five days, we'll craft three remarkable artworks, each using a different technique. These pieces will serve as valuable references and samples for your future artistic endeavours.

Get ready for an experience filled with vibrant messiness, colourful creativity, and plenty of fun and experimentation. Of course, there will be an abundance of color!

This course isn't just available in person; you can also follow it online at MosaicArtsonline. if France is not an option.. The techniques and mosaic styles you'll learn in these five days will expand your creative horizons.

I'm eagerly looking forward to teaching this course in person once again. If you're interested and want more information or to secure your spot, feel free to drop me or Marlene a direct message (DM) for bookings. Let's create art and memories in France together!


Drop us a message or visit our website for more details. We can't wait to explore the world of mosaic art, substrates and mosaic with beads with you.

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